30 April 2017

Goldmine Magazine says “Janis Joplin is Joan Baez compared to Eliza Neals”

“Eliza Neals is one ball-busting bad-ass BITCH and I say that as a supreme compliment. Her “10,000 Feet Below” (E-H Records) is testament to that fact. Janis Joplin is Joan Baez compared to Eliza Neals. She wrote ‘em (except for a kickin’ cover of “Hard Killing Floor,” the 1934 Skip James warning), she sings ‘em (with enough gravel in her throat to pave a highway) and produced ‘em (making sure to also accentuate great guest blues guitarists like Johnny Winter’s Paul Nelson and Howard Glazer). Add Skeeto Valdez (Les Claypool) as one of five drummers and you’ve got one loud banging good time.”

Normally being call the B-Word is almost always “off-putting” and even in this situation I don’t hear what the Reviewer Does… “10,000 Feet Below” does not have the aggression of “Breaking and Entering” so If they think I’m a “ball-busting bad-ass bitch” after hearing “10,000 Feet Below” then “Breaking and Entering” that review I want to read…


Tell Me if this was a MAN would “they” call him a derogatory term in the REVIEW? Let me know your feeling in the comments below…

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