Electric Blues-Rock Power Out 2/17/2017!

cropped-Eliza-Neals-10000-Feet-Below-Detroit-Blues-Rock-Album-Cover-1400px.jpg10,000 Feet Below,” is spelunking the new depths of the Blues with Eliza Neals as your fearless guide. Cavern’s of sound well up through Eliza’s supernatural voice and piano driven songs, as Howard Glazer‘s guitar pierces the echo with honest tone. Breaking and entering an abandoned temple of blues-rock left long ago, descending each rung carefully to uplift your musical soul. Producer Eliza Neals rigged the journey, surveyed then mapped the suffocating walls, while finding soulful keys through narrow fissures of sound.

Cascading guest guitarists Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter, Grammy 2015) and Billy Davis (Jimi Hendrix, Rock n Roll HOF) cast light on adventurous dark paths. Colossal drummers Skeeto Valdez (Les Clay Pool) Demarcus Sumter, Brian Clune, Rubin Nizri and John Medeiros supply a profound rumble to orientate your feet. As the ceiling drops, blasting bassists Paul Randolph, Johnny Abraham, Mike Griot (SMIBF founder) and Lenny Bradford (Joe Louis Walker) resonate through the crawlspace. Eliza Neals unflinchingly dives headfirst to underwater eyelets that only a skilled writer can reach. Falling lower to get washed up on golden grotto beaches, a new entrance to blues once left undiscovered, 10,000 Feet Below

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"Henry Stuckey may well have invented the “gothic” blues sound, but Skip James took it to the next level, Ledfoot gave it the name, and now, Neals has perfected it."

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