“Breaking and Entering”

Busting down the backdoor is Detroit’s Eliza Neals with “Breaking and Entering,” the blues-rock pry bar to her award winning album “messin with a fool.” Prowling with Detroit’s blazing blues guitarist Howard Glazer (EL 34’s) + hit producer Mike Puwal (CannonBall Records, ICP) these housebreaker’s know how to sneak their way to your crown jewels.

A team of safecracker musicians, with featured guest guitarist Kenny Olson (Kid Rock) plus Gabe Gonzalez (George Clinton) on drums drills open a pandemonium of grit-grime and gris-gris from power bluesy vocalist, musician, songwriter and producer Eliza Neals.

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Eliza Neals “ sings with the power of Beth Hart, the emotion of Janis Joplin, yet the voice is still her own… Neals blends rock and blues seamlessly”

American Blues Scene 2015

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Eliza Neals ---> #RagingTheBlues Tour ---> MAY 29th #DETROIT PJ's Lagerhouse -> MAY 31st #BALTIMORE Joe Squared -> JUNE 2nd #NEW YORK CITY Rockwood -> JUNE 3th #HARTFORD Black Eyed Sallys -> JUNE 4th #NEWHAVEN Cafe Nine -> JUNE 5th #SOUTH ORANGE Sopac ----> JUNE 6th #ROCKPORT Time Out Pub

29 May
2 Days12 Hrs40 Min13 Sec

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