30 September 2017

7 Recent Blues-Rock songs you absolutely need to hear soon

There are moments where I create and don’t listen, but now I’m on rotation with other Blues-Rock greats, so I’m listening. Everyone has their own style so the room between artists is right for me. Sadly, I can’t write about everyone and honestly I would love to. BluesRock or Rockblues is been swinging back in style and so many “new” bands are making a run for the border of Blues and Rock! I dropped my first true blues-rock album with “Messin with a Fool” way back in 2012 now I’m on my third in the genre with “10,000 Feet Below” check out my picks:

Walter Trout “We’re all in this together feat. Joe Bonamassa” on SPOTIFY the guitar + words “It’s up to you and me – black and white, left and right” needed to be said not getting in or out of this cause we’re all in it together! 

Mike ZitoBad News is Coming” on SPOTIFY this one I heard live in April 2016 at the Iridium NY only to find it on Mike’s new album in 2016. This one is special you know why?

Albert Casteliachase her around the house” just beat out “Big Dog” for me as its brand new coming out soon. I lost my link (just found it) looking to find soon so listen up SOundcloud oh and ZITO is the producer again it’s a shift xx

Tinsley Ellis I know what’s a list of BluesRock greats without Tinsley. I hope to hear his new album soon as I just got a snippet of it and up went the goosebumps. So one blank space _________ waiting on Alligator Records to run it back for us! 

Supersonic Blues Machine = Grossi Bass, drummer Kenny Aronoff, and lead vocalist/guitar-slinger Lance Lopez w/ Eric Gales such a long fast drive to Texas check it here: “Elevate” on SOUNDCLOUD 

Eliza Neals no there are not many woman anymore doing what I do. I heard you remind us of “Maggie Bell” a few times in the UK “with a butt, I mean hotter, modern” yeah I get it lol, men… Check out my burner “Burn the Tent Down” on SPOTIFY with Howard Glazer the razor yep don’t get BluesRock burned🔥

ZZ Top what can go wrong not much but it’s funny over half of these artists are from Texas so the feelings are right on. ZZ Top are donating the money they make to my favorite charity (if you follow me on Twitter) The Salvation Army so buy “La Grange” and the proceeds help Houston rebuild from their hurricane.

Now that’s my top 7 BluesRock songs so check back in six or seven months let’s see where they/we are as I’m listening but staying ORIGINAL try that you hacks lol xx LuvYa Eliza 🍻 Happy Saturday