05 June 2015

All About Jazz ‘inestimable’ review of “Breaking and Entering” 

“The title tune (Breaking and Entering) is a seething, molten mass of psychedelic electric blues right out of the ’70s….” All About Jazz

In my formative years I sat in a few times with jazz guitarist Earl Klugh at “Floods” in Detroit on piano. I also “hung out” with a few jazz heads for a few years while I attended Wayne State University. “Old Detroit, Rino, Doug’s Body Shop, Soup Kitchen, Bert’s Place and the Spaghetti Factory,” to name a few of them some still here, mostly all gone. I got to sit in an learned jazz standards, how to improvise, what to sing/play and not to. Every night was a lesson of sorts, until I started writing my own music which lent itself to southern rock blues. 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ surprised me today roadtripin across this USA when an review poped up on their website. Someone must have gotten the memo about my past… 

Thank You All About Jazz (I guess you got some BluesRock in ya to) for the great review!