07 April 2017

“All Albout Jazz” brings back the 1970s review “10,000 Feet Below”

“singer Eliza Neal follows up her incendiary Breaking and Entering (Self Produced, 2015) with the face-forward step of 10,000 Feet Below. She returns with her band, The Narcotics (which is a franchise on this recording), and regular guitarist Howard Glazer for a collection of mostly original tunes composed between the singer and Glazer. Where the opener, “Cleotus.” Is organically acoustic in a dreamy, opiate way, “Another Lifetime” is molten minor-key mayhem. Now, all artists considered here have a bit of church in their respective releases, Neals’ idea of church is summed up in the corrosive “Burn The Tent Down.” Neals brings back the 1970s in all of its excessive beauty in “10,000 Feet Below,” with Glazer making a big guitar impression. Neals is at her unhinged best on “You Ain’t My Dog No More” featuring Glaser’s fat slide guitar playing over some Deep Purple organ playing. The pair completely transform Skip James’ “Hard Time Killing Floor” as “Hard Killing Floor.” 10,000 Feet Below is ferocious and uncompromising, moving the perimeter of the blues back and forth at will.”

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