26 April 2022
Bluebird Reviews remarkable Badder to the Bone

Bluebird Review’s breathtaking “Badder to the Bone’ review

“… after a series of breathtaking albums like ‘10.000 Feet Below,’ ‘Sweet Or Mean’ and especially her 2020’s ‘Black Crow Moan’ record, we can safely say that the hugely talented Miss Neals has raised her artistic game considerably to the whole world, in the last five years of her career, showing a maturity in her songwriting and a remarkable strength and power in her vocal deliveries, placing Eliza Neals at the epicenter of Blues Regalia.”

Great to hear from Bluebird Review here in the USA and writer Gio over in the UK who wrote this review. It’s no easy task to create on such a high level and then turn around and present the record in competition with all the major blues labels.

“From a songwriting perspective, it is rather interesting to see the way Eliza Neals reflects on the consequences that the pandemic has brought not only on herself but to the whole world out there, especially through songs like the opener United We Stand and Lockdown Love…”

“When it comes to Eliza Neals and her powerful voice, this extraordinary singer and songwriter never fails to deliver big on this album too, in particular on tracks like King Kong, Queen Of the Nile and Heathen, where her vocal performances are so remarkably intense and emotional.”

BLUEBIRD REVIEWS keeps em coming and I will also. So have a listen to “Badder to the Bone” and figure out whats your favorite song and let me know :0