21 March 2017

‘Blues Alive’ France feeling the blues review “10,000 Feet Below” 

“This singer of Detroit was the missing link between Beth Hart (who moves more in addition to the blues on CD) and Janis Joplin? Between the two, could evoke a range of voices that approached that of Dana Fuchs, or Lucinda Williams. In this new installment, we find a host of musicians who participated in recording (Howard Glazer being the most active guitarist) and therefore significant differences of style. 

Personally, I prefer the stakeholders officiating on the first part of the CD. Totally subjective opinion;  I feel more “feeling Blues” in the second part where the musicians sound in my ear more “muscular big rock.” It’s on slow tempos that the grain of the voice of Eliza Neals touched me the most, as on “Cleotus” for example. Note the surprising revival of the ‘Hard Killing Floor‘ of Skip James. This artist with many Awards deserves in my view a tour of a few dates chosen in France.

Thank You BLUES ALIVE France! (Translated)