04 March 2015

“Breaking and Entering” Reviews!

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Eliza_Neals-Breaking_and_Entering_new-album-2015I have been lucky enough to get such great reviews on “Breaking and Entering” here are the latest. Thank You music writers for your ear and words!

“She’s been burning up stages and winning awards in Detroit for years and with “Breaking and Entering” Eliza Neals is busting onto the national scene with a vengeance… Eliza Neals is breaking down musical doors with “Breaking and Entering,” but it’s only a crime if you don’t give it a listen!” Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine May 2015 (Congrats! 20th Year in Print)

“She’s a raw and gritty blues shouter, well suited to the material, and it’s probably no surprise when Kenny Olson turns up to play guitar…” THE ROCKER May 2015

“… diva’s as Beth Heart, Dana Fuchs, Kelly Radic, Bex Marshal, and Maggie Mackenthun can now add one Eliza Neals… The following is the justified title track ‘ Breaking and Entering , the absolute highlight Bluesbreeker May 2015

“Blues-Rock with a feeling. Eliza, live in Italy would surely have a hit!” ChickenMambo May 2015

“With her pile-driving, whiskey-soaked vocals, she’s destined to attract even more attention, and her latest release, Breaking and Entering, provides ample verification of her many talents.” Blues Bytes Magazine April 2015

“10 emerging artists in Blues music to watch (article) “Gritty, powerful vocalist, songwriter and producer Eliza Neals’ new album, Breaking and Entering, seems destined to make her a big name in contemporary blues…” AXS April 2015

“…the gritty soulful blues singer delivers more of her signature sound… The Big Hit – Breaking and Entering” Blues Rock Review March 2015

“There are far too many great musical performances included on this disc to mention here in this short review… well worth multiple spins for the road or any blues rocker’s journey.” The Review March 2015

“Neals and company grab us, shake us, caress us, and at record’s end, deposit us in a blissful, disheveled, spent heap… a simmering caldron of rockin’ blues in the tradition of Leslie West, and her vocal definitely reminds us of Janis Joplin” (review) American Blues Scene March 2015

“The title track is a gut-wrenching blues which starts with Neals dueting with Glazer’s dirty sounding guitar. Neal’s vocals are at their most raw and emotional here – it’s quite superb. Without doubt, one of the finest blues albums of the year.” Down At the Crossroads March 2015

“She sings with the power of Beth Hart, the emotion of Janis Joplin, yet the voice is still her own. Her music is powerful as well. Neals blends rock and blues seamlessly, throwing in a pinch of soul for good measure.”(interview) American Blues Scene March 2015

“No need for a safe-cracking tools, crowbar or some blasting caps… with nothing but one big voice to bust things wide open… Eliza Neals coaxes and seduces as she opens a vocal suitcase of hard rock Blues on Breaking and Entering.” The Alternate Root March March 2015

“…possesses one of those unique vocal styles that pounds with passion one moment, and oozes vulnerability the next.. one of the hottest sets we’ve had the pleasure of hearing in quite some time” Sheryl and Don Crow -The Nashville Blues Society! March 2015

“Eliza Neals voice is perfect for her preferred Blues Rock. She roars rough and unpolished the opener „Detroit Drive“ to sing rather gently „Sugar Daddy“ later… Here is a spirited young singer on stage, that has developed an own style of singing. She does not copy any model, but seeks and finds its own successfully way in blues(rock).(translated)Wasser Prawda Magazine March 2015

“The voice of Eliza is startling, expressive, on the brink of failure… Incandescent slow blues… Eliza manages to extract impressive choirs on ‘Windshield Wipers’…(translated)MusicZine March 2015

LIVE SHOW REVIEW “Decked out in a dazzling gold dress and a monumental voice to match, there is no question who’s the star… Neals delivered two solid sets of high energy soul-drenched rocking blues… A consummate show person” Music Connection Magazine March 2015

“Detroit’s Eliza Neals, is one heck of a vocalist. She’s got that raw sound that fits the blues so well… I’ve listened to Neal’s latest CD, “Breaking and Entering”, over and over. Will I ever tire of Eliza Neals? I don’t think so!” Blue Monday Monthly March 2015

“Breaking And Entering” are a kind of large gap between Janis Joplin and Pat Benatar with from time to time of vocal coloration which make think pell-mell in the Plasmatics, Joan Jett, Tina Turner or even Ana Popovic, it is to say if the palette is rich and varied.(translated)  ZicaZine Feb 2015

“Eliza Neals is a Detroit-based beauty… Eliza Neals is refreshing in the blues landscape. With her rough voice, she charmed everyone who wants to hear it. Brilliant album!” Keys and Chords Feb 2015

Breaking and Entering would be a crime if it doesn’t get wide recognition… It is a superb BluesRock album, driven by the gruff and alsoat times refined vocal of Eliza Neals, matched by guitar rock as strident and sultry and sassy as that singing” Some Diurnal Aural Awe Feb 2015

“Perhaps #Detroit‘s best kept secret… cream of the crop… Looks every bit as hot as she sounds is a powerhouse to say the least… perhaps Janis, Jimi and Jim Morrison might possibly have escaped death…” Chicken Wilson Feb 2015

“Her voice is ‘THE HAMMER’… ‘Windshield Wipers’ is the ultimate dynamic Ballad of the impressive disk… Not only once, the listener feels that now flies the roof through the ceiling. … Blues hardness at a high level. (Bing Translator)” RockTime.de Feb 2015

Four Stars “Intense style, gritty vocals, energy driven guitar works, power driven tracks that will resuscitate you back to life!” Mississippi Blues Club Feb 2015

“There are few women who can sing blues and Eliza Neals is part of that select group, (Eliza) has that gift and put everything on the line to expand it’s range.” Historias del Blues Feb 2015

“Eliza Neals shows herself to be quite a talented songwriter… She wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs on the album, and she can tell a pretty good story… she’s no slouch as a singer either with her powerful, raspy voice. If you’re a fan of blues rock, and in particular of Janis Joplin, this is an album that will fit very well into your collection…” AXS Feb 2015

“…’Breaking And Entering’ has a slow bluesy feel featuring Glazer laying down some heavy grinding electric guitar… Neals’ vocals are soulful and silky smooth, gritty and everything in between.” B’Mans Blues Report Feb 2015

“Not for nothing is leather-lunged Eliza known as “The Detroit Diva” – take a listen to her powerful vocal performance on the raw-sounding title track, the percolating ‘Goo Goo Glass’ or the down-home blues-rock of ‘Spinning’, or she can come across as a little more vulnerable on ‘You’, ‘Southern Comfort Dreams’ – the latter with a strong southern rock sound..” Blues In The NorthWest Feb 2015

“Oh sure, the Bonnie and Janis comparisons are inevitable, but there’s plenty of Maria Muldaur, Rory Block and even Lynn Carey pulsing through these blues rock bytes. A blues rocker to the core that understands and respects tradition without being bound by it…” Hard hitting… no gimmicks… HOT!” Midwest Record Feb 2015

“Eliza is the Real Deal ….sounds like Etta James, Koko Taylor and Bonnie Raitt …gritty and organic production …tantalizing mix of gems!” Detroit Live Magazine February 2015

“I am so impressed with this new album ‘Breaking and Entering’ congratulations on this thing it, it is really really good… it really is second to none, I mean this is as good as it gets. It is, it is Big Time, I mean they are not putting stuff out in Nashville that’s this good girl!” 94.7 WCSX DJ Doug Podell January 2015

“If you intend to buy just one Blues CD make it Eliza Neals “Breaking And Entering” stonking stuff, check out track 2 and be blown away” DJ Phil Penny, Radio Trent UK January 2015

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