04 June 2020

Broadway World “Eliza Neals” sweet interview

“Neals’ pen has brought forth a series of songs that fit into the standard blues expectation. “Don’t Judge the Blues” kicks off the album, guitar offset by Neals’ sensual growl. Joe Louis Walker appears on the title track and “The Devil Don’t Love You,” while Neals’ ballad “Never Stray” has sensual interplay between her piano and the axe of Derek St. Holmes.” 

Tory really did his homework over at Broadway World. Be sure to check out this provactive interview as there’s many topics I usually don’t touch actually making the light of day. 

“Neals talked about producing Black Crow Moan. “You’ve got to make sure all the performances are great,” Neals says, “my vocals tie the song together and the way it’s mixed. When I’m writing tunes, it’s like a cycle, they all have to match, the emotion of each song has to go in a circle. ‘Run Sugar Run’ was like a ballad on the piano, and that turned into a rocker.” 

I can’t give it all away so check out my new album “Black Crow Moan” and read all this new and great press flowing in this time of “stay home.”