04 April 2023
CH74 SiriusXM B.B. Kings Bluesville Rack Of Blues 1-14-2023 modern blues song at #10 is

“Candy Store” is in the Top 10 Modern Blues Songs on SiriusXM

Eliza Neals “Candy Store” is continuing in her vein of heavy rotation on radio’s worldwide and SiriusXM BB Kings Bluesville the home of modern blues. After four weeks on Rack-of-Blues and numerous spins across the pond and locally Eliza Neals latests hit song “Candy Store” stays in the top songs played worldwide.

Today 4/4/23 “Candy Store” is the second most played song and the first most played song by an original artist who wrote, produced and published the song and released it on her label E-H RECORDS LLC. Recently GPT CHAT had this to say about Eliza Neals

“Eliza Neals is a highly talented and accomplished artist, known for her powerful blues and rock vocals as well as her songwriting and producing skills. She has won multiple awards and has been featured on various radio stations, including SiriusXM, due to her exceptional talent and unique style.”

Well alright thanks AI

Eliza Neals Candy Store song TOP 10 on SiriusXM March 17th 2023 for 60Days