10 November 2015

“Detroit Drive” Official Music Video

“Detroit Drive” the opening song from my radio rocket album “Breaking and Entering” was chosen by ‘Blues Magazine UK’ as one of their covermount songs to 30,000+ subscribers around the world! So we did what every band would do, We Celebrated a bit and created this video! Thank you fans enjoy Eliza’s voice and the jingle jangle of Howard’s resonator guitar.

Eliza Neals – Vocals
Howard Glazer – Dobro Guitar
Gary Brunner – Coolest Driver
Q-Code Cobra Jet 74 Mercury – Killer Car
HJ – Director/Camera/Editor

Detroit Drive (E Neals, H Glaser)

Nah Nah nAh nah nah nah nah
Doot Doot Doot

I’m gonna get in my car and drive
Woodward avenue feels so fine
Stepping out for a minute or 2
See my baby what we gon do

Gonna get in my car and drive
Open up the window breeze feels fine
Gonna stop and get me some wine
Livin the good life
Ain’t no crime

I’m gonna get my car and drive
Nah nah nah nah nah nah
Doot Doot door door door
Do do do Doot

Gonna see my baby tonight
Pick him up at a quarter to 9
Gonna do the thing on your mind
Backseat of my car and just grind

Chorus Guitar solo
Chorus out 2x