Eliza Neals Spotify Top Tracks

Eliza Neals Spotify 2017 Album “10,000 Feet Below”

Eliza Neals 2015 Album “Breaking and Entering

Eliza Neals 2102 Album “Messin With a Fool”

Eliza Neals Single “Love Dr. Love”

Eliza Neals Single “Jekyll and a Hound”

Eliza Neals Single “You Ain’t My Dog No More”

Eliza Neals Spotify Single “On This Merry Christmas Day”

Eliza Neals has listeners from all over the world including São Paulo, BR, Montreal, CA, Paris, FR, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Over 18,000 listeners and growing!

Starting out listening to Etta James, Motown, Classic Rock and P-Funk Eliza in her pre-teens began writing after meeting Bootsy Collins in a Detroit Record store. Eliza’s musical ear, piano skills, and god given voice took her on a journey that gained her a degree in Opera from Wayne State University in Detroit. Meanwhile, Detroit rock emerged as her direction, being a young vibrant female vocalist, who felt the calling to express herself through rock and blues. Locally, Eliza strived to perform and write with the best Detroit had to offer. She graced every venue with powerful vocals, charisma and a deep connection with the audience.