30 January 2017

FOX 2 News – “10,000 Feet Below” Sneak Peak FEB 1st 9AM!

Back on the TUBE! Catch us FEB 1st in the 9am Hour we’re belting out new songs from “10,000 Feet Below” LIVE! I will fill you in as we get rolling! Thanks Live Music FANS and DETROIT!

16th Annual Ferndale Blues Festival going on now across Ferndale….10 days, 55 concerts, in 18 venues. All funds raised go to Ferndale Youth Assistance, the local school based group that helps kids at risk.


Eliza-Neals-Jessica-Star-Howard-Glazer-Fox-2-DetroitEliza-Neals+Al-Johnson-Fox-2-DetroitHa Thrilled to play the new songs for Metro Detroit! Great to meet Jessica STAR hmm cool name and run into my Fox peeps Al Johnson keeping things running smooth! Thank you guys and say hi to Lee Thomas xxo

 Click Video Below!