18 September 2022
Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues fdn mastery review of Eliza Neals

Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues mastery review ‘Badder to the Bone’

“Badder to the Bone” music review from New Jersey Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues foundation
“… I hadn’t seen her until we met again at a Taj Mahal show last month. She gave me a copy of her latest CD and after multiple listens, I have to say, unquestionably, this is Eliza’s best effort to date.
The use of some of the great musicians she has worked with over the years, as well as her own mastery of the keyboards and her #operatraining in vocals, helped to ensure this would be a musical treat… The pandemic inspired “Lockdown Love” speaks to the universal problem of too much time and nowhere to go. Another great solo, this time by Michael Puwal, drives home the frustration. “King Kong” is a hard driving #rocker that has Eliza longing for her strong lover, likened to that monster of the silver screen, who could only be tamed by Fay Wray’s touch. “Bucket of Tears” has Eliza lamenting all the tears she has shed over her lover. The ensemble playing captures the mood of the song and frames the longing in her voice… bravo” by Tom there’s more over at JSJBF.org 👀 Take a look have a read and support ❤️ Thank You blues guys in NJ, see you on-stage in 2023 to bluesrock you out of your socks