27 March 2017

Keys and Chords magnificent entirely review “10,000 Feet Below” 

“Eliza Neals haves, a lot of guest musicians, to promote a diverse and delicious album. Neals mixes blues and rock into a magnificent entirely!”

“Eliza Neals is a Detroit-based beauty. She was once trained as an opera singer, but soon found her way into rockin’ blues circuit. This dynamic front woman on her latest album guided again by a whole laundry list of guest musicians. Seventeen artists gave their cooperation to this wonderful project. Below are a lot of beautiful names. How about guitarists Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter) on the acoustic song ‘ Cold Cold Night ‘ and Billy Davis, who once played with Jimi Hendrix, on the exciting but heavily loaded ‘ At the Crossroads ‘. Furthermore we find Howard Glazer with its dobro in the opening track ‘ Cleotus ‘ and on some notable tracks. Her previous successful album ‘ Breaking and Entering ‘ dates from 2015. Now there is ‘ 10,000 Feet Below, “which undoubtedly will strike sparks with a lot of blues rock fans. Skip James ‘ Hard Killing Floor ‘ is the only cover on the album. The other songs, Eliza so only too happy to have penned. And also the writing has grown, they clearly already got them on some songs the helpfulness of her guitarist Howard Glazer. The growing ‘ Burn the Tent Down ‘ will undoubtedly belittle the roof of many concert halls. The mood changing title track are right there also with a lot of radio airplay. Add that with undoubtedly not be otherwise with the modern “You Ain’t My Dog No More ‘ and ‘ Downhill on a Rocket ‘. Billy Davis is another of the party and let his strings delicious lead by Eliza Neals rough but delicious voice timbre. Good looking!4.5 Stars”

Thank You “Keys and Chords” great review! (Translated)