09 September 2019

La Hora Del Blues happy Sweet or Mean Review

… compared to Etta James or Janis Joplin, Eliza adds an additional touch of personality to her vocal performance, making her a reliable, attractive and daring artist, gifted with a good dose of resources and nuances in the amazing tone of her voice, which makes her to be a so complete singer

I’m compared to greats both of who I highly respect for their own paths in the music industry. Never got to see Etta perform and Janis was gone before I even became aware of her. Hope this message gets thru the ether to them wherever they are, I’m not trying to be any singer dead or alive, I’m just being myself. Trained by the best from Wayne University in Detroit, then a Motown songwriting legend heard me sing and said wow. Barrett Strong has been right so many times.

The six cd songs have been produced and arranged by Popa Chubby himself, who contributes to round up an attractive highly recommended work, especially devoted to those listeners who look for new and happy discoveries. VERY GOOD.

Popa Chubby he gave me and and my musicians a very good, keen and critical look at his production. I wrote em on my piano and had many of the ryhtems and feel created, Popa enhanced my work and did it like a pro. I know Popa has gotten a bad riff over the years but he truly is major talented like all the other great guitarist touring the world. Check out La Hora Del Blues reviews they have most of the latest releases worthy of writing.