29 June 2018
Love Dr. Love Summer Single Eliza Neals

“Love Dr. Love” Summer Single

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“If you knock 3 times on the door round back and you hear the sound of a slide trombone you’ll soon forget all your worries back home…” A pilgrimage to New Orleans, the homeland of jazz, original blues music and voodoo is the inspiration for Eliza Neals “Love Dr. Love.” Searching for the answer to love and happiness, Eliza was drawn to the resting place of “The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans,” Marie Laveau. Visiting the crypt where she’s resting in St. Louis Cemetery, ‘the most haunted cemetery in America,’ Eliza felt an eerie connection and found new inspiration.

It’s a magical love shack tucked away, deep inside the hazy Bayous outside of New Orleans. Knock three times on the door, inside sits an upright piano, dancing girls and spiritual musical mayhem ensue. As soon as the party gets jumpin’, Dr. Love appears whipping up a love potion for the lucky chosen ones.

Eliza Neals enlisted Detroit’s world-class creators on this single. The contributors include Grammy™ winning legend Barrett Strong Jr. (I Heard it Through the Grapevine, Papa was a Rolling Stone) as songwriter and co-producer. Much of the music was cut in Strong’s former “Studio B” in Southfield, MI. Academy Award® winning musician Luis Resto (8 Mile Road, Eminem) plays clavichord and piano along with a clever horn arrangement. Songwriter, tracking engineer and guitarist Brian Lord added his rootsy-rock vibe.

The single moved south for its final touches. Mike Puwal (CannonBall Records, ICP) provided additional production as recording and mixing engineer, plus guitar at his ‘Univox1’ studio in Nashville, TN. Rounding out the musicians includes soul-stirring Kamaal Malak (Arrested Development) on bass. Tim Grogan (Desert Rose Band) plays an in-the-pocket groove on drums. Nick Haynes tops it off with some brilliant trumpet stabs. Eliza’s production, creative songwriting, and a gritty velvety voice equal a sensual walk on the wild side with this single.

LOVE DR LOVE – Time 3:21
WRITTEN by Eliza Neals, Barrett Strong Jr. and Brian Lord.
ARRANGED by Eliza Neals
PUBLISHER © 2018 Elizabeth Thomasian Music (BMI) / NOT SAMPLED MUSIC (BMI) / BRIAN LORD (BMI)
PRODUCED By Eliza Neals and Barrett Strong Jr. with additional production by Mike Puwal.
RECORDED at ‘Studio B’ by Brian Lord in Southfield, MI.
RECORDED and MIXED at “Univox1” by Mike Puwal in Nashville, TN.
MASTERED by Dave Feeny (White Stripes) Tempermill in Ferndale, MI.
PRODUCED for E-H Records LLC

Eliza Neals – Vocals / Background Vocals
Brian Lord – Guitar / Background Vocals
Louis Resto – Clavichord / Piano / Synth Horns + Arrangement
Mike Puwal – Tremolo Guitar
Kamall Malak – Bass
Tim Grogan – Drums
Nick Haynes – Trumpet


"Love Dr. Love" Summer Single