10 March 2017

‘Mr. Some Diurnal Aural Awe’ blues punch reviews “10,000 Feet Below”

“… we can be impacted by this glorious blues merger of classy vocal and guitar, Eliza Neals’ latest delivering yet another collection of gutsily crafted and performed songs.

Brilliant band axeman Howard Glazer with guests Paul Nelson and Billy Davis provide the superb riff licks and sassy slide [check out Glazer’s scorcher on Ain’t My Dog No More] that are a perfect accompaniment to Neals’ soulful blues voice.

That vocal can, as ever, produce an affecting range. On Cold Cold Night, the double-dubbing/harmonising is stunning, with rises that make the hair on the back – well, you know – and Nelson’s acoustic accompaniment is beautiful. This is a powerful song, full of beauty and blues punch…”

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