02 June 2024

RADIO IDL Eliza Neals “Colorcrimes” review by Popa Nite

THANK YOU POPA NITE for spinning all of my music from the beginning!

Album Review of – “Colorcrimes”
Artist – Eliza Neals
Written by Poppa Nite for Radio IDL
Review Rating 5 STAR
“Eliza Neals, a modern blues-rock powerhouse, has delivered a soulful and politically charged album with “Colorcrimes” gives listeners a hopeful idea of love and healing. This record was born out of Neals’ live performances, where her powerful message and honest storytelling moved audiences to tears, convincing her to capture this magic in the studio.
Neals’ background as “The Detroit Diva” shines through on “Colorcrimes.” Drawing from her unbelievable life experiences, she weaves real-life bluesy narratives that tackle social issues head-on. Joined by a diverse cast of stellar musicians, Neals has crafted a musically captivating and lyrically profound.
The standout track is the album’s title cut, “Colorcrimes,” which addresses racial injustice and the need for unity. With its infectious groove and Neals’ impassioned vocals, the song is a rallying cry for healing and understanding. Other highlights include the gospel-tinged “Heal This Land” and the autobiographical “Banned in Jackson,” where Neals recounts her experience of being, banned in Jackson for wearing a short skirt on stage.
Neals’ songwriting is further elevated by the contributions of multiple Grammy winner and Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame inductee, the late Barrett Strong Jr. Strong co-wrote three tracks, including the uplifting “Something’s Better Than Nothing” and the funky “Love Dr. Love.” The interplay between Neals’ songwriting and Strong’s iconic touch is a true highlight of the album.
Guitarist and co-producer Michael Puwal also returns, providing his signature down-home slide playing that perfectly complements Neals’ emotive vocals. The rhythm section, featuring the likes of drummer Justin Headley and bassist Doug Woern, lock in to create a tight, yet groove-heavy foundation.
Overall, “Colorcrimes” is a powerful and timely album that showcases Eliza Neals’ talent as a modern blues-rock artist with a message. Her dynamic vocals, compelling songwriting, and stellar supporting cast have delivered a record that will resonate with fans of any genre and beyond.”