08 August 2016

#RagingTheBlues Tour continues “Pontiac Power Week” + “Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival”

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN, the original home of ARTS BEATS EATS is now hosting PONTIAC POWER WEEK and live music! We’re traveling up the infamous Woodward Avenue on the M1 to Pontiac where the “Dream Cruise” turns around to host a new festival! Catch us on the FLAGSTAR STAGE at 70 North Sagiwnaw.

Eliza-Neals-glenwood-avenue-arts-festival-2016-chicagoCHICAGO the WINDY CITY! Yes Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival putting a bit of Detroit Blues-Rock down at the Arts Festival! Our canceled Show at Red Line Tap got us this cool festival gig! Yes ready and loaded!