27 February 2017

Rudolph’s Music most recognizable review of “10,000 Feet Below”

Her new album drops form Detroit here comes blues diva Eliza Neals herself heard again. The release of “10,000 Feet Below” shows the singer had nothing to chance. No less than seventeen musicians participate in the eleven songs on the album. As we know from Eliza Neals she brings a mix of blues, soul and rock. Her powerful voice always makes for a new raw edge and makes her music her very own and most recognizable. The guidance of a host of renowned artists like Eliza is that musically much to discover and enjoy.

Eliza Neals is convincing both on the quieter songs and the more blues-oriented rock work.

Add another to this that most of her songs are written by herself. It therefore makes the latest album by Eliza Neals is again a very high level.”