21 February 2015

Soundguardian understands “Breaking and Entering” is Detroit Blues-Rock

Soundguardian understands my release yesterday…TRANSLATION FROM CROATIAN:

“Eliza Neals or ‘Detroit Diva’ already has an enviable amount of albums, but this is the first I have listened to and who actually spinning for weeks. “Breaking and Entering” is an album that will win you over with its power, immediacy and solid definiteness to the best moments that can provide us with a rock n ‘blues. Just today, February 20, the album is on sale, issued by the Group and to the global promotion of Frank Roszak Radio Promotions, in our homes, rooms brings incredible rock n ‘blues.

The story revolves around a blues guitarist odlilčnog Detroit Howard Glazer (EL 34’s) and hit producer Mike Puwa (CannonBall Records, ICP). These two ‘old cat’ very well know what will fans of the blues to its knees. And it is precisely on this album. When the team joined visiting guitarist Kenny Olson (Kid Rock) and drummer Gabe Gonzalez (George Clinton), created the nucleus that will take the album “Breaking and Entering” shake and send into the background embarrassed to hear what’s going on. Of course, above all radiates hilarious, terrible and simply incredible vocals strong and dynamic bluesy singer, composer and musician and producer of complete Eliza Neals. Someone will say, this is too hard, it’s too hard for our taste; personally, can not agree with that, because every note is born an extraordinary feeling and atmosphere, on which so ‘damn good’ agrees Eliza’s vocals. This combination has given such a fusion, which have long not heard, so much attention in recent weeks, I listen to what our album offers.

As the songs arranged in order, always after each I think, that’s it, now will loosen ‘, but it does not happen, it surely will not happen. Even when it comes to light songs, Eliza and society from them tear the terrible things, the roots are removed what a man would never have thought possible. The Eliza Neals it combines many components that adorn blues glazebenike 21st century. It is therefore no surprise that in a very short time, she nailed a number of awards, while Eliza Neals and the Narcotics! indeed destroy everything in their path, and how could it not when you work in it we hear the best elements of the music of great musicians such as Etta James, as well as singer Amy Winehouse, Adele and Rickie Lee Jones.

Each of their shows bring us a musical adventure in which the combine tradition with modern musical trends, and, of course, such a compound overwhelmed all at first, I’m glad that I’m no exception.

The notion of blues-rock sometimes can be used to describe music which in itself has a little more of both … Yes, it is possible that, just need to wait a bit and let the music take its course. The instant in your mind starts to unwind the complex process of your music, which strongly echoes in my ears. These total 51 minutes will give you a strong incentive to understand the music that you are offering. Are you ready? You do not have any barriers? If you break the traditional understanding of and aversion to the modern approach to this genre, it’s hard to hunt the strings of this album. However, if you subordinate the opposite view and understanding, before you will open up a completely new and different world in which bluish tones devour all who approach them. “Detroit Drive,” “Breaking and Entering”, “Jekyll and the Hound”, “Goo Goo Glass” and “Spinning” are just some of the songs that will put you on the floor, because their emotions, power and dynamics of breaking everything in sight . Be careful!