07 November 2008

Sultry Bluesy Deeply Romantic Rock and Soul Live

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Here is the photo of Me in the Kay Unger Dress from JOES PUB that was filmed on Tim Gunns Guide to Style.! I had a great time with Tim and Gretta, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. They treated me like a Rock Star in every sense of the word, I had no idea it was going to be so cool. So here’s what flipped me out…I was not expecting this experience to be so emotional. OK, I get to meet Tim which is fantastic and find out what he thinks I should wear and perform on the show. That was what I was thinking when I started filming the show. After day one, things just get really crazy because, you are meeting all of these fabulous people and they are helping you every step of the way. I found myself really getting into it, and letting the change happen.

The bra fitting with Rebecca, was a blast! Rebecca is a trip, you should have heard what she was saying to me, hopefully Bravo will release the “uncut” version. All I can say is Rebecca is having a great time owning a lingerie shop in NYC WOW! Sally Hershberger YEA I love it! The day was like walking into stardom for an hour or two. Sally and I yapped it up about music and Rock N Roll and Rock N Roll hair, she liked my album cover photo and hair on “No Frogs for Snakes.” Thanks Sally for leaving my hair long!

The craziest thing that happened was my infamous black leather jacket was actually lost in route to Tim’s loft by an assistant. It was hilarious because that was the piece they really needed to make into the purse. Long story short, they found it and snuck it back into the loft for Gretta to make into the purse they gave me on the show. To be honest, I was really cool with it when it happened, but I find myself missing that little black jacket. Its funny now everyone has a little black leather jacket but me.

When I saw my episode I must admit I was anxious, nervous and scared about what I would see. I watched the show and it was put together so well with class and style and all the things Tim and Gretta helped me with were shown with taste and humor.

For all you curvy girls out there I know you can relate, its hard to do what you want but still enjoy all the styles available. I love what they showed me, especially the way things should fit my classic pear shaped rubinesque curves for day clothes. I still put my own signature style with what I was given and purchase. I am from an ethnic Armenian family and we are curvy (oh yeah Kim Kardashian is Armenian too) Rock styles are independent and I will not loose my own style just be a bit more open to fashion!
XO Eliza Neals
Eliza Neals