09 September 2017

‘Supreme talent’ Eliza Neals Blues-Rock show Thank You BOOM BOOM CLUB 💣

Nigel Foster (Blues in Britain & Blues-Rock) Review: “Eliza Neals and the Narcotics and Troy Redfern Band – The Boom Boom Club

I become ever more conscious in trying not to repeat myself when writing a review as I cannot create words and do not want to end up boring people. Added to that today I have limited time but felt it rude not to say something about last night’s gig because it was absolutely superb, as of course I knew it would be.

Troy Redfern and his band hit the stage at 8:15pm sharp and immediately floored the accelerator and delivered a high octane, high energy set of hardcore Blues Rock. Heavy rhythmic grooves from the drums and bass pounding setting the template. Then Troy blazing a hot and heavy guitar trail, lacerating lead breaks, scorching solos and searing slide work. 
As the set drew on it seemed the volume was ramped up and the sonics filled the room. One hour in the company of Troy and co was and is always an exciting event and no surprise the end of set was greeted with huge applause.

“Eliza Neals and the Narcotics” w/ Troy Redfern

“Eliza Neals and the Narcotics”, now that is a name to conjure with and what a band and what a show this talented trio laid out before us. Heavy on the Blues side, infused with a hard rock edge and splashes of soul.
No bass in this band but that mattered not a jot as Demarcus (Sumter) behind the sticks pounded out a full bodied rhythm that laid the baseline for the band to work with.

Eliza Neals Sexy Busting it Out photo by John Bull

Photo by DJ Brian Raine

Howard Glazer played really quite exceptionally throughout switching between clipped edgy lead breaks, coruscating riffs and incisive solos. Superb use of the pedals added sonics to the sound but never detracted from the structure of the song.

John Bull captures Eliza Neals supreme BluesRock vocals 🔥

And then to the wonderful Eliza, a lady of supreme talent as a pianist, vocalist and songwriter. In the live environment those elements come together and last night was no exception. Eliza’s vocal was something to behold, a mixture of power and subtlety aligned with pitch perfect phrasing. Eliza is a classically trained singer and how it showed as she displayed an innate ability to control her voice whilst adding great textures to the music.
On the rockier numbers the voice went low and deep as notes were pulled from deep down inside and on the softer slower numbers it rose majestically to great heights but all the time rich and luxuriant.

Blues-Rock Storm from Detroit!

Of course great musicianship is one thing but it is nothing without songs and Eliza can sure pen a lyric, graphic, expressive and sincere.Eliza has great stage presence and quickly made a connection with the crowd ensuring a raucous atmosphere was steadily built.
Detroit is a hotbed of musical prowess and this lady is another in the long line and if there is any justice her reputation will both grow and expand.

The band has a few dates left on their UK tour and if you want real authentic American style Blues rock catch these guys before it is too late!” 

Howard Glazer – Guitar, Demarcus Sumter – Drums, Eliza Neals – Vocals & Piano/Keys = Power BluesRock


Pete Feenstra & Eliza Neals inside Boom Boom Club!

Pete Feenstra (BluesRock afficienato, promoter and award wining DJ) Review:
Eliza Neals brought raw passion, a hell of a voice and real songcraft to the Boom Boom Club last night. There are very few performers who give so much. She encouraged the crowd, cajoled them, thanked them and then sparkled like a meteor shower… and when she hit those magical notes she took us to another place, where guitarist Howard Glazer added his own intensity. Detroit rocking never sounded so good!”

Thank You Nigel and Pete great to have you hear, listen and write about the show with such great results! Luv2U xxo ❤️🎶

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Eliza Neals