08 January 2017

Thanks for the Recognition in 2016!

First off the year just got started and look one week has passed! Thanks to all my friends in, around and under the music biz who have seen me heard me watched my videos and believe I’m one of the missing links in the blues, particularly blues-rock! 

Starting right off with Lisa Piernot star-photography who has a year ending Best-Of list. Well take a look 👀! Lisa see’s so many live acts all year long from clients to invites to who knows. Lisa has seen me a few time but it was this summer at SMIBF that “the narcotics” kicked in -> https://twitter.com/elizanealsrocks/status/787064410330263553 <- Thanks Lisa we will see you this year and party! 

Thank You “Docs Blues Awards” over the pond in the United Kingdom on Severen FM for recognition of my unique “blonde BluesRock bombshell” style and music! It’s great to be recognized for being different in this world of same looking and sounding similar musicians plus of course to be new 😉 

Sweet micro blog music review of #BreakingAndEntering by Michael Rauch aka “The Cheap Seats” says “Eliza Neals. Never heard of her? Now you have. Really good blues-ish Rock.” Now stop by his site check em out -> CHEAP SEAT Report <- thanks Michael for finding me xx 

Ok now back to the road butt first A little last bit of advice on LOVE… -> https://twitter.com/elizanealsrocks/status/817545921256943617 <-