05 July 2015

‘Two J Blues’ juicy review of “Breaking and Entering” from Poland!


“A blond singer from Detroit, it sounds very inviting. Both rock and blues is what this city is always changing to a very expressive, juicy form. And so it’s on the listener with cool local guitarists Howard Glazer, Kenny Olson, Mike Puwal and Shane Visbal. After adding drums an the rest of the instrumentalists, pistons fire, amplifiers swell of sound, drummer biceps pump, and Eliza puts on a powerful vocal show.

With a voice like Janis Joplin or Alannah Myles, (she) does not forgive for a moment. As she readily reaches a maximum of vocal expression and systematically kills song after song. So many nice compositions, no bad guitar parts and all-in-one form. This is a monumental album, driven rock and down home primitive blues.Eliza kept herself busy with the production of discs and I think they ran out of space.” by Richard Glover



I had to go to two translator programs and ask my Polish friend what these words actually mean! So Thank you this #MusicMonday review has me firing on all pistons!