12 March 2017

Wasser-Prawda most exciting review “10,000 Feet Below”

“For quite some time, we have been pursuing the work of the singer Eliza Neals from Detroit. At the latest with her last album “Breaking And Entering”, the Bluesrocker was also more prominently known. With “10,000 Feet Below”, she has now presented an album with which she could finally rise into the first league of Bluesrockladies worldwide.

Their band is called Eliza Neals and the Narcotics. And when you listen to songs like “Another Lifetime”, that’s more than fitting. The band, which once again includes guitarist Howard Glazer from Detroit, is developing a pull that is difficult to escape, let alone. In addition to Glazer, you can also listen to the guitar by Paul Nelson, who has worked with Johnny Winter in recent years. One song was played by guitarist Billy Davis. Here, Bluesrock can be heard beyond the clichés, which is unique by the powerful and unlikely changeable voice of Neals. And it does not matter who the three gentlemen is currently listening to on his guitar. Neals has written the songs except for a number of Skip James and has the music with her play on piano and organ as well as as a singer of the extra class.

The constant comparisons with Janis Joplin and other singers are stuck here. Eliza Neals has not only studied opera singing and recorded the history of blues and soul. The entire history of the big singers in rock since the 60s can be found here. Eliza Neals, in her singing, agrees on the one hand the great strength, as she not only distinguished women like Big Mama Thornton in the blues, but one can also hear from singers like Pattie Smith. And like this, Neals is a woman who never surrenders to her fate, but demands and fights her right loudly.

“10,000 Feet Below” is a Blues-rock album, one of the most exciting new releases of the last few weeks. Absolutely recommendable!”

THANK YOU Wasser-Prawda fantastic your enjoying “10,000 Feet Below”