18 February 2017

Chickenwilsons raised the bar review of “10,000 Feet Below”

Eliza Neals latest release shows the world that she is anything but a one-trick pony. This is somewhat guttural, some cuts putting me in mind of an early Congo Square. This is blues taken to a whole other level… I would not say new, as it harkens back to another lifetime. To say this album is powerful is like saying Disneyland is a nice little amusement park. Neals taps into an area of pure heart and soul. Howard Glazer’s guitar work is almost primal, setting the tone for Neals’ powerful vocals. Pieces of this album bring up pictures of Legba, the crossroads, and other areas of blues lore. There are quite a number of musicians used in this production, each bringing his own particular talents to the project. While many are calling this the hottest new thing, I hear more than simply elements that go back to before the Blues had that baby that they named rock and roll. Call it what you will, this is great stuff. Eliza Neals has raised the bar once more. This is powerful, incredibly passionate and overflowing with pure, raw emotion. This is a release worthy of a Blues Music Award and more. Neals knocks this one out of the park. Her journey into the blues has taken a path that few dare to walk. While the musicianship may have a contemporary feel, “10,000 Feet Below” goes far deeper. (No pun intended). This is a keeper…the real deal on a level that is seldom heard. –  by Bill Wilson”   

What a review I’m sort of in dumbfounded awe I write from my heart my dreams it spills out onto the piano and off we go! 

Thank You Bill ‘Chicken’ Wilson your love of music is so intense it sceams through in your writing! READ Here