20 February 2017

SOUNDGUARDIAN incredible blues material review of “10,000 FEET BELOW”

Translated from CROATIAN: Written by MIKE LONCAR! on SOUNDGUARDIAN

“This exclusive story begins with a quick quote from Chicken Wilson of exactly two years ago: Perhaps Detroit’s best kept secret … cream of the crop … Looks every bit as hot as she sounds is a powerhouse to say the least … perhaps Janis, Jimi and Jim Morrison might possibly have escaped death …” There are a lot of reasons why I do this, so please continue reading this text.

This is an album for a long time preparing and waiting. And now, just today, February 17, the official date of his release. “10,000 Feet Below” is the name and issued by the label E-H Records around the globe being promoted by Frank Roszak and FRRP. In the end, the proud owner of the album is  Eliza Neals.

For all of you who visit and watch to the Blues Corner, and radio show “Blues For You“, the name Eliza Neals is no mystery, just the opposite. In fact, I believe that it is actually very, very well know. When I promoted her single “You Is not My Dog No More”, which was the single form this album, I was very excited. Why? Well, I knew what was coming and I was just waiting to get it all in the final form. And now it’s all there, in front of us.

In the new studio album, Eliza Neals lets us know that she would be a great exception among the many Albums this year. For all the power, all the expressiveness and total commitment Eliza instructs us that this is the album that no-one would dare to write, leaving a large, significant mark on the blues scene. There are several reasons for such claims.

Eliza gives us this time a ‘hill’ of incredible blues material from which we get ‘every time goose bumps of pleasure,’ this so open ‘blues feeling.’ I do not even know how many times, I asked myself while listening to the album, is it possible? Her vocals with an excellent soundtrack give absolutely incredible results. I do not know what I prefer, when Eliza sings with the band or when she plays, only with piano.

No doubt, this ‘crazy’ team must be accompanied by such a vocal potential, and when combined, created a true eruption of all these ‘terrible’ blues emotions. Truly incredible … when listening to this album you finally feel that you simply have to escape from it all, because it does not stand, shoot at the seams while at the same time you can cry for joy that someone has such capabilities.

The album “10,000 Feet Below” will, here, here and now hard, make this year’s blues scene truly rich. I knew of Eliza and can expect a lot, but something like this literally was blotted from anything I’ve ever heard, and it’s not just a little. Why do I write and I give you all this in black and white … the reason is only one …. this is a true masterpiece!

Of course, it is not only her merit. There are also all the musicians who stand beside her. But no matter what, in the first place itself is Eliza Neals! It is something that embodies all those gospel, soul, funk, jazz, rock and blues diva, who are deeply and impressively marked the international music scene. Since the early 20s of the last century until the present day, it is very impressive ‘pile’ of names, but when it all connects, piped to each other and coalesce in the vocal cords just one person … then it’s Eliza Neals.

All of you who are not from this or that reason to listen or you may not perceive this incredible singer, please immediately refer them to the search engine of this music portal and see for yourself what it is about. Simply, this musician you can not miss and equally, listen to her albums and see how this young lady has sung. It is difficult to a single vocals at the same time give so much power, energy, emotion, tenderness and so honestly and openly sing their story.

“10,000 Feet Below” I play more and more in my conditioning, a little afraid, because all it takes on connotations that are not very common. But I do still, for me this album just won its own power, directness and solid definiteness to the best moments that we can provide extremely inspired rock ‘n’ blues.

After repeated listening only wonder what it will be in the further course of events in the coming years, what’s more to add except: Eliza, I believe in you and in your musical talent and potential! In the text related to the lead single “You Is not My Dog No More”, without being anything more heard the album, I wrote that I believe that the upcoming album may be breathtaking. I am pleased that once again I have not “missed”.

Yes, perhaps some of the listeners say, this is too hard, this is too ‘hard’ for our taste, but I can not agree with that. For the simple reason that in every note, which presents and swims phenomenal Eliza Neals born extraordinary feeling and atmosphere, on which so ‘damn good’ goes great gig the band in which they gathered the following musicians:

Eliza Neals – vocals, keyboards, piano
Howard Glazer / Paul Nelson / Billy Davis – guitar

Johnny Abraham / Paul Randolph / Mike Griot / Lenny Branford – bass

DeMarcus Sumter / Skeeto Valdez / Brian Clune / Rubin Nizri / John Medeiros – drums

I believe that is immediately perceived what kind of names is all about and that because of their ‘weight’ there was no doubt that the result will be different. But just as all have the same force and connotations when we listen very Eliza Neals, singing with piano and guitar. All this leads us to only one conclusion … Eliza Neals is absolutely amazing singer but also a complete musician. Indeed, it is certainly an honor!
Are you ready? You do not have any barriers? If you break the traditional understanding of and aversion to modern approach to the genre, then it will be hard to hunt ends of this album unique Detroit blues diva Eliza Neals. However, if you are certain the opposite view and understanding, before you will open up a completely new and different world in which bluish tones literally devour all who heard Eliza and her backing band. Emotion, power and dynamics that have thrown you at the feet of break everything in sight. Be careful!!!

In fact, this musical combination gave us ultimately fusing what has long been not heard. So much attention in recent days and I listen more and more wonder and become incredibly happy with what we offered this album. The Eliza Neals it combines many of the best components that adorn the musicians of the 20th and 21st century, all drowned in her throat, in her musical being, and that is its greatest asset.
My dear “bluzoljupci – blues lovers”, this is a true masterpiece and therefore be careful, concentrated, and just let what you hear, and Eliza Neals and the band will make everything else. This album just can not miss, if you really and truly love rock ‘n’ blues!”

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