25 August 2023

NJ Arts Eliza Neals Interview August 2023

Very Cool interview with NJARTS.NET that you gotta read…

“When someone tells you they worked with Marvin Gaye … different people tell you they’ve done this and that, and sometimes it’s not true,” Neals says. “So you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, sure.’ But then I went and looked it up and it was real. So he signed me to his record label and he’s the one who started me off in the music business, recording. I have a ton of music recorded on his label, Blarritt Records, and I co-produced his last record (2001’s Stronghold 2, a sequel to his 1975 album Stronghold). I co-produced it and co-wrote it with him and it’s just an honor to have known him.”

This is just a section so go check it out! https://www.njarts.net/eliza-neals-will-join-popa-chubby-and-others-at-free-long-branch-jazz-and-blues-fest/