16 October 2023

“CANDY STORE” Give Credit + We Are Music & Behind The Music from E-H Records

🎹 “Behind the Record” this great idea that was created but not continued will be a tradition with E-H RECORDSLLC 💥

Once again “We Are Music” will highlight the people behind the scenes of music creation for our second year. You know I’m a songwriter and I write songs almost everyday, some of these songs are completed literally in 10 minuets other songs reappear year after year till they find a home. First was “Pawn Shop Blues” then “Sugar Daddy” now you guessed it “Candy Store” as the third modern blues single on modern dating even though the topic has been around for centuries 💎


Well I’m not a corner cutter nor am I a cheap skate lol so I make sure to record on the best warm analog equipment I can find, this one on a Harrison 3232 in a live room. Next I do an analog mix then back to a analog master . Lastly I kick it up add metadata and get my digital master that you finally hear. Work, yes it’s work and many versions of each song you hear exist with all kinds of intros, endings, solos, prologues, bridges, vamps and on and on. I do the heavy lifting producing and arranging the vocals, most of the time I give the musicians some free space to create after I give them a listen on the piano. I know what I looking for on the record, so I give the studio guys more open space to embellish, run free, go wild and sometimes you actually hear these performances on the final version 💿 Photography + video well that’s a different story, good thing it’s not shot of film anymore. Each photo 1000 words… 🎥 Thank You to my friends the musicians, vocalists, studio engineers, art directors, photographers, studio owners, pubic relations, magazine editors, club owners, festival bookers and of course you the music lover ! 💙

Here’s to capturing lighting in a bottle that one rare five minuets in sync recording that can become an anthem tomorrow or the next century 🕰️
Thank You again see you in my dreams…

Eliza Neals Candy Store Give Credit Behind The Music