06 December 2022

Behind the Record, We are Music, Give Credit “BADDER TO THE BONE” 2022

#GiveCredit #WeAreMusic #BehindtheRecord well this year the date OCT15 came and went. I thought something was missing and I asked my vice-president what happened to the Grammy initiative to let everyone read the credits of the creators? “Shrugged Shoulders” was the response 🤷🏾 SO we at #EHRecordsLLC set out to created one of the most important aspects of the business! GIVING CREDIT to so many of the hidden talents needed to create a musical recording 💙 Many of my songs start out often two or three years before you hear them on a recording, often played live first with multiple changes along the way. The final has been #analogrecorded on #vintageequipment and microphones often twice some times ten times (rare) put thru a ultra rare #analogmix then yep you guessed it #analogmaster before it becomes a digital file 📀 Yes, I don’t know how to do all those things but I’m a songwriter on a piano with 88 keys a whole orchestra in my head as I write each part that you hear… eventually 🎹 Thank You to you the musicians that have sacrificed so much to be great. I know you’re great that’s why we hang so thanks for your hours of un-thanked work it shines through on the recordings⚡️ Thank you to the engineers that plug this cord here, to that compressor there, to the cool old thing here, that shows up on screen, that creates this thing that takes that down, to do WTF? Thanks you guys are without a doubt interpreters of people with dreams. The best of you capture the magic of tortured musicians and it’s a blessing to know how hard you have worked ‼️ That’s just the #recording there’s more but you get the idea, creative directors, photographers, DJs, PR, videographers, makeup, wardrobe and of course a vision for the music created in a limited time span that captures a spirit ⭐️ Thank You Again and see you #inmydreams 💋 #wantsomethingdonedoityourself #gratitude #imworking #notforgotten #thinkingofyou #yournamehere #mypeople #creatives #underdogs #risingup #underestimated #onenote #onedream #notstopping #musicmonday #womenwhorock #womeninblues #Bluesrock ⭐️ #ElizaNeals #BaddertotheBone