15 October 2012

Bitter End NOV 10th 7pm! Thank You Studio Tour 2012! +Blondie! Kenny Olson @ Iridium!

Experimental Covers of “messin with a fool” with a bit of Northern Soul! 
NOVEMBER 10th at 7pm SHARP
Hear the NEW BLUES at one of the most famous music venues in NY!
Join us for a true RocknBlues experience LIVE!
Pro-Arts Jersey City Studio Tour 2012
 Started off with a bang. Multiple performances both inside and outside with the full band and partial band. Thank you to my NY musicians Michael Gallante on Drums, Shane Visbal on Electric Guitar, Lizz Kristi on Backup Vocals, Sal Carolei on Harp and Jon Price on Bass! Thank you for sharing your musical talents with the visitors and being a part of such fun! Image Frank DeMarco/Outboxin.com
We had 312 visitors on Saturday and 236 visitors on Sunday thank you to those that shared in on the party all weekend. Click Here and Here for Video!
Great Seeing BLONDIE live at the YOUTUBE Presents in NYC! 
Thank you Robert for getting tickets we had a mid-day party!
Iridium Jazz Cafe’

Kenny Olson the Notorious Guitar Star, 
Anton Fig Letterman’s infamous drummer and 
The Spectacular ‘Les Paul Trio‘ w/ Lou Pallo on guitar, 
Nicki Parrott on Bass and John Colianni on piano…

I was asked by my cool friend Kenny Olson the Nashville Based, Detroit Hometown Unreal Guitarist to a NY gig and of-course I said YES! Kenny and I shared the stage with a friend and musician AJ who was killed over music. Kenny told me “AJ was here with us tonight” and I felt him. We performed a few songs at Iridium, but Stevie’s “Superstition” was the one we performed at AJ’s memorial ‘Lovefest.’ Thank you Kenny, I look forward to gigging with you again soon. Click Here and Here and Here for More Great Video from that special night!

Kenny and I backstage…
Nicki Parrot, and Anton Fig and I after the show! 
“This album of “Stiletto Blues” first came out in January, but it keeps finding itself back in the news and for a very good reason… Neals good looks, husky sultry growl, and “Stiletto Blues” stage presence, as well as world class songs are the reason this one keeps finding new spots on the various blues, R&B and rock stations.”  
 “Neals was able to make this album a great reflection of her influences… Neals’ soulful voice rings out on the first track, “Misery.”… “Messin With A Fool” is a solid album and a great start for Eliza Neals.” Blues Rock Review October 2012
Ten Months after the release of “messin with a fool” were still getting great reviews thank you! We worked hard on the album so we appreciate the time taken to write! 
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