06 December 2012

Wasser-Prawda Magazine NOMINATION “Blues Album Debut 2012” for Eliza Neals “messin with a fool”

The German online-magazine WASSER-PRAWDA has NOMINATED messin with a fool”
Best Blues albums 2012 in the category “Debut 2012”. The voting is open until December 31st. Go Here to VOTE Thank You Fans! Thank you Wasser-Prawda we will tour Germany 2013! Vote on the Button Below!
I also received a great review from Wasser-Prawda in May 2012, you will need to translate but here is a portion:
Eliza Neals “The Detroit Diva” is the name: This Diva has claws and sharp teeth… Eliza Neals is really not the faint-hearted would-be pop chick, presented to us on the talent shows again and again. She is a rock singer with associated roots in blues and soul.