12 May 2015

Blues Hall of Fame Museum and The Blues Foundation!

the-blues-hall-of-fame-little-milton-5-9-15Yes I came to hear and see all I could in Memphis (see my previous post) and to top it off I was able to sit next to “Little Milton” in front of the Blues Hall of Fame! We wrote a song too so get ready! Congrats Blues.org!

the-blues-hall-of-fame-5-9-15the-blues-foundation-marker-memphisThe HOF Museum has a Blues Trail Marker here is the front, you’re gonna have to visit to see the back!the-blues-hall-of-fame-lobbyBeing a corporate member to the Blues Foundation permits E-H Records Executives (including myself) free admission to the Hall of Fame. Here is what the Lobby looks like but i will not reveal the remaining museum. A trip to Memphis is in your future so don’t miss this beautiful building holding the heritage of American Music the Blues!