15 May 2015

B.B. King you will be so missed “Rest in Paradise”

As the sun sets on today Mr. B.B. King aka the #bealestreetbluesboy we are going to miss you and Lucille.
I never got to meet you in person but met you many a night in clubs around the US, at festivals and in my own home. I sang “The Thrill is Gone” many times often with my own swagger but I never stopped for once thinking about how you made Mr.Hawkins cover your own version of cool.
I have performed in your clubs in Nashville and New York City each time thinking wow BB is the King to have such a great club with his name on the outside, inside and everywhere.
Thank you for choosing “Breaking and Entering” for heavy rotation on SiriusXM Bluesville it truly has helped me in so many ways as a lifelong singer and musician an I will never forget that.
My heart an prayers go out to your Family and Friends plus Fans of yours Mr.BB King I’m missing you #RestInPeaceBBKing