05 September 2019

Down at the Crossroads incomparable Sweet Or Mean review

“Raw, emotional, gut-wrenching, rasping, gritty – where do you start and stop to describe the incomparable Eliza Neals? She’s not only a fine vocalist, she can write a show-stopping blues tune too.”

At the Crossroads thank you for the real “incomparable” review, it’s been ‘such a hard road’ to quote Ted. Writing is what I do while coming up with catchy hooks sitting at the piano. I imagine the other instruments and write parts for them, each one you can hear.

“All in all, a hugely enjoyable – but short – blues-rock treat from the hugely talented Eliza Neals, accompanied by a very talented group of musicians and featuring the excellent guitar work and production skills of Ted Horowitz.”

I know I know its a short EP, my touring schedule and Popa’s only permitted this. We’re friends I dig him and who knows one day we will probably record again. The beauty of it is the music is recorded and people enjoyed it around the globe. At the Crossroads check em out and thanks for listening so well.