03 September 2019
Keys and Chords overwhelming review of EP Sweet or Mean

Keys and Chords overwhelming Sweet or Mean review

“Eliza’s unique talent is immediately realized in the exciting “Pawn Shop Blues” and “Blackish Gray”. Poppa’s important guitar art gives shape to all the songs and the radio-friendly “Bitten By The Blues” spins among all that blues rock violence.”

Overwhelming yes it was and Ted and I were fast in the studio. It did not take long for us to set like concrete. The jokes did not stop that’s for sure as Ted quoted Dr. John and had us laughing up a storm. Roll over to my youtube on videos page there’s plenty of behind the scenes.

Popa even borrows his skills on his Martin D28 acoustic guitar for “Knock Knock Knockin”. And that the band loses itself again in the overwhelming “Pawn Shop Blues”.

“Knock Knock Knockin” one of my faves of and gems from Sweet Or Mean! Check out Keys and Chords in Dutch and be sure to line up a translator to understand the language. I’m glad they get my Blues-rock style and understand that Sweet Or Mean came out of a musical meeting of the minds!