15 August 2019

Blues Magazine Netherlands ‘Sweet or Mean’ review


Wrong… we send out so much material to help readers, critics and fans understand what the story is. Eliza Neals wrote the songs on piano. Some of the songs and their structure pre-date the album by over 5 years. I perform most of the songs live before the sessions to the musicians or they have my rough on piano. Ted builds around the tracks does his thing but these songs were written by myself. Just ask him yourself instead of writing anything.

“Bitten By The Blues’ throws it all over another bow, Detroit Blues, crackling hot guitar, narrative about earlier, her heroes who paved the path as a performer, she is ‘bitten by the blues.’ This bitten the blues is particularly evident in the strong ‘Living With Yo Mama.’ A song according to classic blues tracks where Eliza knows more in the foreground but Popa Chubby throws a dike of a solo.”

Well glad you like that part of it, seems like you may listen better than read the liner notes. Oh well, I run across Walter Trout all the time and he always says “those magazines they don’t know what they are saying.” And there you have it, another review where someone did whatever to a EP that’s charting #9 in the entire country of the Netherlands. Oh it’s “Bitten By the Blues” what a chance in the red light district.

I’m going to just leave that right there. Many of the people on this chart have been on it since their release date. Condescending would be just a start. I’m not surprised, because I threaten Beth Hart, Sari and the rest of the lot of gals in the EU. Never the less most of my fans know I write originals so even if one guy cant figure it out that’s the system talking…