16 August 2020

Downatthecrossroads dues paid “Black Crow Moan” review

“Black Crow Moan is one of the best blues rock albums you’ll hear all year, with Eliza Neals and her group of musicians playing straight out of their hearts and souls.”
Down at the Crossroads gets it, thank you for listening and understanding the writing and production process. I’m creating on the fly sometimes and others from a deep well of emotion and thoughts. 

“Eliza Neals has, for sure, paid her dues. She has a university degree in music, has studied opera and she reports having sung “five nights a week in every rock, jazz, and blues club in Detroit since I’ve been seventeen, eighteen years old.” That’s why you’re hearing in this album some depth in the song writing and a maturity in her singing that brings whatever’s need in a song to make it communicate and connect with you, especially emotionally. River Is Rising is a case in point, another slow blues, another chance for Ms Neals to reach inside you and pull you right inside the song.”


Black Crow Moan” Released April 6th 

Chosen as one of the best 2020 Blues albums so far according to DownAtTheCrossroads  Thank You!