13 August 2020

BluesRock Review “Black Crow Moan” Classic 

“Albums are like little ecosystems; one seemingly small change can completely alter the environment. That unpredictability is what makes an album exciting. The wild chemistry between Neals and guitarist Joe Louis Walker is what makes her Black Crow Moan such a thriving, thrilling biosphere of an album.” 

I created over two years this album and yes for me each one is a world of its self. A continuation of my last work always blends itself into my future work. 

“As amazing as the two Walker tracks are, Neals also has some solid solo tunes. The ballads in particular are very strong. “Watch Me Fly” is an 80s power ballad, with just a tiny bit less bombast. As someone who grew up loving that kind of song, it’s great to hear again. It’s also worth noting that while power ballads work on their own, they’re also useful in the sequencing of an album, taking the energy down without letting things get overly chill.”

‘Watch Me Fly’ was actually started and played live three years ago in the United Kingdom. My second tour there I was writing and performing at the same time I wrote ‘Watch Me Fly‘ on piano and it evolved. Here’s a first video of the performance from Bulls Head London.

“Walker is a perfect foil in that they have similar energies, but arrive at them in different ways. Neals hits every track hard, starting at full-speed and only upping her intensity. Walker, however, slowly unfurls, beginning seemingly low-key and gradually tightening his focus until you suddenly realize you’re hearing licks you’ve never heard before.”

Cool BluesRock Review gives me a good run for the money with their latest review. Check em out they have not missed the mark yet. Thanks for listening!