10 August 2020

Rocking Magpie emotional rollercoaster “Black Crow Moan” Review

“Eliza Neals raises her game in the sultriest of manners; proving that she really, really should be taken more seriously by Blues Aficionados and critics the world over.”

Well Yes! I would think so but I’m not putting away my writing pen nor hanging up my piano playing. I’m happy music critics are hearing my dedication to the craft, hopefully everyone will feel this way, but don’t hold your breath. Black Crow Moan is a long journey back into my blues.

“‘Don’t Judge The Blues’ opens with some of the dirtiest Resonator guitar I may ever have heard; and not just sets the tone for the next two and a half minutes; but the whole album itself! It’s a veritable foot-stomper with Eliza’s expressive voice showing no signs of wear and tear in the three years since her last release; 10,000 Feet Below.” 

That’s Mike Puwal on slide, he is define tally my best friend slide player I know. Mike P as he’s called played slide on “Jekyll and a Hound” from my first foray into the blues music world.

“Labels across the world somehow find our tiny site and inundate us with albums by singers and bands with only a hint of The Blues in their music; and for future reference …… I/we grew out of Hard Rock when we a) learnt to shave and b) discovered girls!  Stop It!  Eliza Neals on the other hand takes the Blues and Rocks every drop of passion, pathos and S.O.U.L out of it in a way that could and should actually the benchmark for the genre.”

‘DEFINE: Benchmark (noun) a standard of excellence, achievement, etc., against which similar things must be measured or judged.’

I’m thrilled but I also know my road is long and winding so thank you Rocking Magpie for the wonderful review.