15 March 2015

“Eliza Neals” yep I’m on “Vine”!? What is it? See how I use it…

Well I am on a whole bunch of websites, social media, music sites and many more places around the internet. One place I’m on that many adults don’t frequent is Vine.com.

Vine is a video social media sharing site that is apart of twitter.com. I started using Vine probably a bit late compared to the “kids” on the site but hey I still ended up with over 1500 followers. Check my Vine 🙂 here. Once I got comfortable with Vine I started using it to quickly show what was going on in my life some of them events, other live music (and rehearsals), some of it fun, gym time, other just “the surroundings.” Take a look at my first one:
Here is a recent Vine I did for Detroit Live Magazine’s review of “Breaking and Entering” to the song “Spinning”

 After so many “vines” I have a few favorites:

Now to Hear the Audio Click in the upper left bottom right corner of each box… ok here are a few more favs:

This is my last one so follow me on ViNE and Twitter and keep up with the latest technology… this vine is from SST-iiwii where I played the Hammond B3, Yamaha Piano, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer 205A on my last album “Breaking and Entering”