18 March 2015

First MeerKat @ElizaNealsRocks App Stream of Vocal Rehearsal Tonight More to Come!

@elizanealsrocks-meerkat-stream-of-vocal-rehearshal-3-18-15Technology is moving faster than most of us can keep up with but every once in a while an idea that’s to good to imagine happens. MeerKat is Definitely a game changer.

Tonight 21 people got to hang out in my living room, around my 1936 Hardman Grand piano. The 21 people stayed and watched almost 2 hour vocal rehearsal with my back up singers for the Cutting Room NYC Show on MARCH 27th at 7:30pm! Take a look at the photo above, there the live stream is connected to my twitter account and form from there to my Meerkat Account … yeah WTF I don’t know how it works (so don’t ask) but in the words of Howard Glazer my co-writer “Very Cool”… I try to embrace technology cause this one is so simple to use and smart. Expect to see more people streaming live every dam thing soon NSFW and all. I will keep it strictly music and a few fashions but its vocals and creation that your gonna get from me. Follow me on MEERKAT and stay VERY COOL!

eliza-neals-meerkat-elizanealsrocks-url-addressFollow Here: http://meerkatapp.co/elizanealsrocks