09 August 2019

Making a Scene Brightest Sweet or Mean review

“With all this firepower backing her up, it is Eliza who burns the brightest. While you know you’re in for something special from the first notes of Poppa Chubby’s slide guitar on “Pawn Shop Blues,” it is that barrelhouse voice of Neals’ that grabs you and won’t let go!”

Rehetta is right this powerhouse just does not stop I just keeps going right on to the end. Of course Popa Chubby kicks ass, I would not have chosen him to work with. I need attitude on my music and there’s only a few people who can deliver. One thing about creating music you know in the studio, it either works or doesn’t.

“This EP offers a solid rush of music that is as satisfying as many full albums. If there is a modern successor to Janis Joplin, this may convince you that Eliza Neals is it. If you’re looking for something to get a party started or blast out your car windows, or just dance to with abandon in your living room, Sweet or Mean is what you’re looking for!”

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