11 August 2019

Rock Doctor’s Hot “Sweet or Mean” review

“An EP of originals from Eliza here capable of blowing the roof off of any roadhouse on Route 66 or in the Delta. Sweet Or Mean is genuine, lowdown, shit-kickin’ bad-ass blues.”

We aim to please for sure. Shit-Kickin’ is not a term I use often but when I do I know for sure it’s gonna be Hot and definitely funky. “Genuine” that’s a term I don’t hear often but it is music to my ears. Writing music is so very tough with people copying everything from another artist and then claiming it to be original. I just heard a few songs on Sirius XM Bluesville, believe me I know they copied a hit and repurposed it for dumb fans. Not being dumb and actually studying has brought me here, for better or worse.

“he songs are played and sung with rock voltage and energy. The band is hot, Popa’s playing is electrifying- no doubt inspired by the material and by Neals’ energy and voice.”

Energy that’s a whole other story. You talk about energy well hats off to Popa Chubby. Doing the miles the time and actually sounding great on stage is not easy. HOT I like it we were pushing the envelope inside the studio. The band felt the music and we shot all the songs live right into the analog heaven of GB’s.

“Music succeeds when like minded souls begin to play and that extra special ‘something’ happens- you can sure feel it here.”

Yes you can and Thank you Rock Doctor for listening getting the feeling. “Something” truly does happen when good musicians hit the studio, the stage or just jam. One of the music Gods, just smiles down on the room and there you have it. Sweet or Mean” it just had to happen the way it did, and I glad everyone gets it so good.