12 August 2019

Soundguardian’s Epic “Sweet or Mean” review

Exactly 25 minutes and 43 seconds were enough for my body to counteract the soul-rock-blues flu that had crushed my musical being. Detroit Eliza Neals’ new EP of amazing musician “Sweet or Mean” is the cause of my acute “pain” from which I still haven’t fully recovered.”

Soundguardian my Croatian blues lovers has given me an epic review. Mike has connected to my music and even listed “10,000 Feet Below” #1 in Croatia and labeled that album a masterpiece. I was floored with these revelations and knew that I was onto something bigger. Enter “Sweet Or Mean”…

“A fierce musical mix has emerged between NYC and Detroit, all of which shoots up, bursting with intense, hurricane-like emotions that just come on, scare your being and force you to fall to the floor, crawl and try to get you on your feet, but then a blow to the head again and you’re on the floor again. Bottom line: you stay lying on the floor, dare not get up, because huge waves of blue notes stream over you, both deadly and deadly in your electric and acoustic version that you better stay on the ground with your head deep in the ground.”

Well some people say we truly bring it when we perform on stage. Look and see the faces of bands performing next and I’m glad too, I was not following me. Typically, I perform with passion, direct my band and push them to their best performance. I also work toward that goal while I’m in the studio. Popa Chubby and I we both know what a musician can or could do so we push!

“The six compositions represent material that is difficult to differentiate and describe except in the following words: vicious, spiritual, energetic, impressive, powerful and direct presentation of the musical style that we all love so much. Sweet or dangerous? Judge for yourself!”

Well SOUNDGUARDIAN you have told me your truth again and it is EPIC! Click their name and read more about “Sweet or Mean”