08 March 2018

International Women’s Day 2018 Feature by 68 Records NY + RockinBluesShow!

Thank You 6/8 Music for giving me a feature for International Women’s Day 2018. It is an honor to be selected with ten other women in music. Check out 68Music!

Wonderful to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 (IWD2018) in this time or anytime. Many woman work very hard to create and be recognized in the ARTS, I salute us in a time of success and struggle. Here’s an excerpt:

Describe what being a woman in music means to you:
“I represent women in music because I stand on the shoulders of so many woman who never got the recognition they deserved. I put my best foot forward every day, every show, every note. I show ‘them’ that I am a force to be recognized with cause I go beyond what’s required and create ART that stands the test of time.” 68Music!

All Women Show #338! Yes there are women in the and we em too Thank you Brent in Canada at

“10,000 Feet Below” seems to be in rotation still everywhere across this great big globe. So wonderful to share with my fellow ladies of Blues, BluesRock, RockBlues and Soul. Tremendous amount of energy goes into creating an album, from songwriting alone the time to craft a song could take years and in sometimes a lifetime. I don’t know everyone’s struggles and successes but by judging by the album covers above, we have a whole bunch of stories to tell. Creative radio shows like, Brent thank you Rockin Blues Show!

Thank you to the strong men who are not intimidated by anything and know how to celebrate with women, not be challenged by them, not sexual (all the time) just normal. Thank you to all the people that can relate to me as an artist first, a musician, a songwriter and producer. IWD2018