02 July 2019

‘Jazz Weekly’ boogie blues “Sweet or Mean” review

Ha Jazz Weekly, your feeling my new ‘boogie blues,’ “Sweet or Mean” EP that you “Gotta see this band in concert, if my hubcaps aren’t ripped off in the parking lot!” 

No your not gonna get your “hubcaps” stolen in the parking lot. But if you’re driving a car with hubcaps probably not a good idea to leave it sitting outside a RoadHouse BluesRock club in the dark. Hey worse things can happen.

The team drives like a Mack Truck as they run through a brick wall on “Bitten By The Blues” That was the point to give listeners something they want to play over in their car or on the road, in the gym even the radio. A great team of players put their touch on the music. 
I’m gonna stop to check out the “boogie blues” review in JAZZ WEEKLY thanks for listening.