07 July 2019

Michael’s incredible forces review of “Sweet or Mean”

Sweet Or Mean, she is joined by fellow blues rocker Popa Chubby (Ted Horowitz) on guitar. Two incredible forces working together like this means the CD is going to have a lot of power, a lot of attitude, a lot of energy.”

To say the least, there was a great driving energy in the studio and the results are now coming in. Power is what you need we delivered it on every track. When you play so much live that energy gets into everything your producing, obviously Popa Chubby added his no-stop energy to my writing.

“this feels like Eliza Neals through and through. She is rock, she is blues. “Bitten by the blues/But I still love rock and roll/Please don’t make me choose/They both saved my soul.”

What can I say yes I wrote it “bitten by the blues” just so everyone would know where I’m coming from. I am always creating new tunes some of them turn out sorta upbeat like Bitten other like “Blackish Gray” from Sweet or Mean are not so cheery. Meeting Ted for a bit before springing these songs on him. I was lucky he had the time to work with me and I appreciate all the musicians efforts.

“Livin’ With Yo Mama” has a more traditional blues rock sound and rhythm. It seems that blues just bursts forth from within Eliza Neal, all rough and wonderful”

Rough and wonderful sounds like my man, cause if your sexy. Blues-rock is your thang like me and my man is sexy for sure. “Blues just bursts forth” out of me like Alien sometimes but this song I have been playing for years. I can just say it’s nice to hear from Michael his writing style is all to funny, you gave me some ideas for new music.